Welcome to the Crazy8 Club!  We have many crazy sales with on and offline types of products and services.  This is the home of marketing and business systems that will help to improve your business and help you make more money.


The Crazy8Club is partnered with a number of product and service providers to help you and your business.  Our primary target is small to medium sized businesses, including the self-employed.

If you were to ask for one simple explanation of what we do or what we can do, that answer would be that we are problem solvers.  We help you identify the problems you may know you have and also help you find the problems you do not know you have, so that together we can find the best solution.



The best ways to reach us are by email first or by phone, you can leave a message or send a text.

Go to point2.click/support and then if you do not yet have an account, create a new one and you can freely and securely send us messages. In addition, if you like the system that you see, we can provide you an account too, just ask us how.

Call or text: 503-985-8588